Plymouth Owners Club Lone Star Region
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  Welcome to the Lone Star  Region (LSR) of the Plymouth Owners Club (POC).  A little background about our organization.   The POC started in the late 50’s in the northern Mid-West. There are now 26 Regional Clubs in the US and Canada, and a couple in Europe.  Each Region is associated with the POC and each member must belong to the POC to join a Region.  It is not necessary to belong to a Region to receive the bi-monthly (6 issues) of the Plymouth Bulletin (the award winning Plymouth magazine) and attend the POC’s annual show (some place in the US).  Each Region’s by-laws mirror the POC’s although some have slight variations.  Some Regions are as big as a city, i.e.Detroit, or as big as all of Texas.  So each Region has its own challenges   The Texas LSR meets 4 times a year, not necessarily on a quarter cycle, because summers are too brutal to have non-airconditioned cars on the highway.  We attempt to have some type of event at each of the meetings; a tour of a city, a cruise over an area, a parade, or a meet at an existing car show.  We think that if folks have to drive to a meeting, we might as well make it worth their while, and if they choose to find lodging because of the distance, then we best have something to warrant it.  We ask for a member to step up and volunteer to host an event in their area of Texas, as the Board is not familiar with all the local happenings, or points of interest in an area.  The Newsletter “Lugnut”, is published by email, after each meeting to members and those interested.  The next meeting date, time and place is announced in the “Lugnut”   A roster of all current members is sent in the spring after the renewal process has ended to all members by email   See the Membership Application for more information.   We are looking for people that like cars, and like to show them as well as drive them.  We don’t discourage people from driving their daily driver to an event, but prefer to see the older vehicles, even if they are brought in on a trailer.  And, of course, that depends on the weather, and is only a “like to”, as there is nothing mandatory along those lines.  If you enjoy old cars, looking or owning or driving, we invite you to join us.  We welcome everyone who has an interest in older vehicles regardless of whether you own a Plymouth or another brand of vehicle.   Thank you for your interest in the Club, We look forward to seeing your Plymouth someplace along the Plymouth Highway.   For information on the National Plymouth Owners Club, click on the logo below.